Troubleshoot for Egg!

Trouble setting up

Please note that you just need to use the Power button on Egg! 

I don't know how to power up Egg

In your purchase, you will receive a cable with one is Mini USB and the other end is USB. Then, you can:

  • Plug Mini USB into Egg’s Power button 

For the other end – the USB, you use your adapter (for example: the 5W USB Power Adapter) to connect to electrical outlets.

I can’t see CyberPurify Setup WiFi

You can also try to move Egg closer to you home WiFi router.

  • After you power up Egg, wait for 1 minute, check your WiFi networks and find a WiFi name: CyberPurify Setup. 
  • Depending on your WiFi connection, the process can take 1-3 minutes.
I clicked CyberPurify Setup but nothing happened

You can also try to move Egg closer to you home WiFi router.

You can try switching between CyberPurify Setup and other WiFi networks several times. As usual, you will see a dashboard asking you to enter your email.

I chose wrong WiFi network but couldn't go back

You choose Rescan (under the Enter your WiFi password) and Egg will bring you back to the previous WiFi choosing display.

I've successfully set up new WiFi for my kids but I still didn't see it

The process may take 1-3 minutes to set up a new WiFi for your kids based on your WiFi connection.

When you still don’t see a new WiFi display, the problem might be you entered the wrong password for your home WiFi. Try pressing and holding the Reset button for 10 seconds. You will see CyberPurify Setup WiFi and start the process again.

Trouble signing in

I forgot username/ email address

The username for your CyberPurify account is the email address that was used to register the account. Check your inbox for any Stripe emails to confirm the email address you signed up with.

I forgot my password

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it at you’ve successfully reset your password, you’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Trouble managing Parents Zone

How can I see specific websites my kids accessed?

Our mission when starting CyberPurify is protecting your kids as best as we could but still respecting their privacy rights, so we do not try to detect and report every site your kids accessed to. Instead, we only provide parents with only the top domains of the sites your kids go to, such as,, etc.

Where can I set studying time?

Access your dashboard, enter your email to review filters and manage your kids’ studying time at:

Why did I set studying time but it didn't appear on the dashboard?

Whenever you’ve done setting studying time, remember to Apply change(s) to Egg to save all your edits.

How could my kids open Facebook during Studying Time?

Due to apps’ cached content, children can still open and see old posts on Facebook during Studying Time. However, as images of these posts will not appear

Why can't Messenger operate when I only block the Facebook app, not Messenger?

Several apps may have different names but they are actually owned and operated by the same company. For example, Messenger is under the ownership of Meta and uses the same infrastructure with Facebook, therefore, when you block the Facebook app, you will also block Instagram.

Some apps have different names but are owned and operated by the same company, for example Instagram is owned by Meta and uses the same infrastructure as Facebook, so when you block Facebook, it will block Instagram.

Why can I still access the app when it is blocked in the dashboard?

During the time apps are not blocked, they have already cached some content. That’s why you can still access some old content. However, during this time, they will not be able to update new posts. This will destroy the experience of users, leading them to stop using those apps.

In some cases, apps can display thumbnails because they are already loaded when there is Internet connection. However, when clicking them, the images will not appear. This will also destroy the images of users, causing them to stop using apps.

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