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Our AI-powered technology is made by HEART to protect your kids from harmful online content

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Let’s together protect your children's precious smiles when using the Internet

Block all harmful content on the Internet, not just porn but things that frighten people.
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Results From Our 2022 Research

In 2022, CyberPurify analyzed more than 21 million contents across images, news, reports, YouTube, search engine and social media platforms.

Sexual Content

70 of 100 tweens and 88 of 100 teens encountered nudity or content of a sexual nature.


86 of 100 pre-teens and 95 of 100 teens have encountered violent to extreme violent images/videos


48 of 100 pre-teens and 71 of 100 teens have encompassed self-harm/suicidal thoughts and situations.


78 of 100 pre-teens and 91 of 100 teens have talked about heroin, ecstasy, cannabis, etc.


79 of 100  pre-teens and 88 of 100 teens experienced bullying as a bully, victim, or witness.

Mental Health

48 of 100 pre-teens and 68 of 100 teens have been involved in anxiety conversations

What are CyberPurify Kids doing to keep children safer online?

Harmful Content Blocking

Our module helps you protect your kids better from internet threats. Content filtering module checks web pages that kids are visiting and blocks harmful materials (image/video/ads).

Privacy Protection And Safe Browsing

CyberPurify protects your personal data by blocking common third-party tracking systems, spyware, and adware.

Machine Learning

CyberPurify Kids is designed with Machine Learning specifics in mind. It not only provides defense against inappropriate contents & ads in browsers, but it also protects you from tracking, phishing, and fraud.

Our Products

We provide 3 solutions to protect children’s safe online.

Free extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
Server and cloud service API helps platforms moderate user generated contents (UGC)
Wifi device to protect your kids’s internet connection

AI-based image & video moderation API

We’ve used our services to help numerous companies with their online content moderation efforts.

We’re currently processing millions of API calls a month, and we return 15+ metadata classes to enable customization to your content policies. Whatever you’re looking to find in your content, chances are, we can do it.

Plug & Play Wifi Device

We make our experience and understanding of the internet filtering into reality with CyberPurify Wifi Extender.

Solve the concern of parents who want to protect their children’s online safety. We are eager to bring worldwide parents a fully-featured solution to manage all of your home’s connected devices – CyberPurify Wifi Extender.

  • Complies with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards
  • 2 x 3dBi antennas provide up to 300Mbps transmission rates
  • Portable and compact—Ideal for home and travel use
  • Easy wireless security encryption by one push on the WPS button
  • Software wizard for simple setup
  • Compact, wall plug design for convenient placement

All for your kids’s greatest future

This one is perfect. Almost all inappropriate contents are blocked and page loads much faster. I tried a few content blockers, none worked perfectly as this. Satisfied 100%. Thanks.

Jason Clark, Dad of a son and a daughter

Stories and features

Beyond the headlines, every child has a story.
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How to block porn with free porn blocker

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