Meet CyberPurify Egg
Your trusted ally in

your children’s online journey

  • The one and only real-time detecting and blurring harmful content
  • Auto block games, TikTok, Youtube,… during scheduled times
  • Easier to use than your washing machine


Protect all home devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartTVs, gaming consoles and more


Auto block websites containing adult, horrifying, scam, & 15 types of harmful content


Enable fixed Safe Search to hide explicit results on Google, Bing


Enable fixed restricted mode to hide not-for-kids YouTube videos


Detect and filter images in real-time, any site

Help your kids avoid games and social media addiction

Flexibly choose games, apps, or consoles and these will be blocked when it comes to scheduled times.

Just do right things at right time!

Explore children’s curiosity & interests
Gain insights into your children’s online activities through our real-time reports, nourishing their interests or quickly resolve any potential issues.

Parenthood Made Easier Than Ever

Abundant features coupled with user-friendliness

Bedtime and Outdoor Time
Improved Overall Well-being and Mental Health

Focused Homework Time
Limiting Specific Apps and Websites for Distraction-Free Learning

Setting Time Limits
On Gaming Devices and TVs to Prevent Device Addiction

Tracking and Reporting
Monitoring Visited and Filtered Websites with Issue Alerts

Instant Internet Control
One-Click Stoppage on Demand

Specializing in Addictive Streaming Apps
TikTok, Facebook Watch, Reels, and YouTube Shorts

Specialized in Managing Gaming Consoles and Platforms
PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Roblox, and Minecraft

Fast and Reliable Compatibility
Works with Any Router Type Without Slowing Down Internet Speed

Effective Even Against VPNs, Proxies, and DNS Changes Used by Children


I've been looking at reports based on browsing and search history analysis. It's been really helpful in understanding my kids' behaviors and getting a sense of what they're into. Plus, it's given me a starting point for conversations about internet safety and responsible online behavior.
Abay - Dad of 2 daughters

Kids these days are pretty tech-savvy, but this product is one step ahead. It's effective even against VPNs, proxies, and DNS changes that children may use to try and get around filters. It's great to know that my child is protected no matter what they encounter online.
Emma - Mom of 13 yo son

Everyone who has a son knows they love playing games. That's why I've established specific limits for gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Roblox, and Minecraft for him. It's a great way to ensure that our child is not spending too much time in front of a screen and getting the exercise and social interaction he needs.
Ethan - Dad of 14 yo son

Our family has a rule that no games or TV are allowed after 10 PM. It's been really helpful in ensuring our child gets enough rest and sleep
Michelle - Mom of 9 yo son

I start blocking some of my son's favorite apps and websites like Netflix, Youtube, Playstation, and TikTok on all his devices, during his study time. I feel better knowing that he's not getting sidetracked by these things
Junghoon - Dad of 9 yo son

I've noticed that my daughter has been spending a lot of time on short-form videos. We've started limiting her access to Tiktok, Youtube Short, and Facebook Reels to just 1 hour a day. It's been a great way to encourage her to focus on other activities.
Sophia - Mom of 11 yo daughter

I love watching my kids learn and discover new things online. but I'm aware of the dangers that come with it. It's great to have an online protection system that ensures my kids can explore while being protected from the risks out there.
Tracy - Mom of 6 yo son

Why parents embrace Egg

Every parent can use Egg to protect their children with minimal hassle!

CyberPurify Egg

On-site content detection & blurring

Protection even VPN is enabled

Support smartTV, game console

No app installed on each device

No slowdown to your home network

No tech expertise required


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Currently the number of pre-orders are above our expectations, the delivery date may be slower than usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Currently the number of pre-orders are above our expectations, the delivery date may be slower than usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding!