We can’t ban our children from using the Internet, but we can’t just stand there and let them freely use and be mentally hurt by toxic things. 

The first thing to do before jumping into any solution is to understand deeply and objectively the problem – online harmful content.

Thanks to the data of users who are using CyberPurify Kids from 51 countries and territories, this infographic will help you:

  • Get a comprehensive view of which types of toxic content that especially harmful to children
  • Understand the current situation of how widespread and detrimental the content is
  • Practical tools and tips to keep children safe online appropriately and effectively

Upgrade your knowledge about children’s online safety

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What else you can do to keep your kids safe online?

Download CyberPurify Kids – 24/7 detect and blur 15 types of harmful content, on any site, at any time. CyberPurify Kids not only can filter porn but other types of content that can concern, disgust your children:

  • Pornographic content: porn, hentai, sexual/sexy content.
  • Horrifying content: bloody dead bodies, terrorisms, demons/ghosts, accidents, etc.
  • Hate speech
  • Commercial drugs/alcohol: addictive substances, alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc. (this feature will notify children’s searching behaviors to parents).

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Want more? Use CyberPurify Egg

Why is this wifi device your children’s ultimate online protector? 

  • Block 24/7 all porn and gambling sites from all home devices
  • Block ads
  • Block automatically all access to social media, messaging, game apps when studying

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CyberPurify Knowledge – your free online safety’s encyclopedia

How to block porn with free porn blocker

How to block porn with free porn blocker

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