CyberPurify was born by founders who are parents just like you!

We are deeply concerned about what kinds of disgusting content our kids might watch, the crazy high screen time they are on devices, and how complicated current solutions are. That’s why CyberPurify is here. 

Our kids deserve a cleaner Internet, healthier online habits, and so do yours!

And we are also a team of AI experts

With 17 years in AI and content filtering. We are proud to have developed 05 Intellectual Properties, 02 patents, and have won national awards. Some of them are:

Finalist at VietChallenge 2022

Organized by Massachusetts-based non-profit organization. An annual startup competition for worldwide entrepreneurs, seeking to empower business in the U.S., South East Asia and around the world.

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Finalist at QVIC 2022 by Qualcomm

Qualcomm – World’s top wireless technology innovator, helping enable the development of a national rising technology ecosystem.

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Finalist at Startup Fellowship 2022 by SK Group

SK Group – South Korea’s No. 2 conglomerate with 100 subsidiaries that operate across over 40 countries.

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Winner at National Startup Program 2021 by United Nations Development Programme

After surpassing 400+ startups and projects. The program focuses on solutions that can create social impact, helping to solve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations.

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