Do Tech with our entire Hearts

We use AI to filter harmful content, making this online world a much better, safer place for businesses, families and children around the world.

Our Mission

We do not orient CyberPurify as a technology company but a children-focused technology company. 


Quinn Nguyen

Quinn Nguyen


A young woman in tech, having set her mission to take advantage of technology values to bring about a positive social impact on society.

No matter how advanced technology is, if you don’t use it for the benefit of the society, those tools remain useless.

Binh Nguyen

Binh Nguyen

Founder & CTO

A father of 2 who has gone through a gamut of parenting emotions. Deeply understanding how parents struggle in blocking toxic content, he dedicates his 14 years in AI, backed by Patents, Intellectual Properties and National Awards, to help worldwide parents achieve peace of mind when keeping kids safe.

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