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    Free Powerful Content Filtering For Your Kids

    Block all harmful content on the Internet, not just porn but things that frighten people.
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    What are CyberPurify Kids doing to keep children safer online?

    Harmful Content Blocking

    Our module helps you protect your kids better from internet threats. Content filtering module checks web pages that kids are visiting and blocks harmful materials (image/video/ads).

    Privacy Protection And Safe Browsing

    CyberPurify protects your personal data by blocking common third-party tracking systems, spyware, and adware.

    Machine Learning

    CyberPurify Kids is designed with Machine Learning specifics in mind. It not only provides defense against inappropriate contents & ads in browsers, but it also protects you from tracking, phishing, and fraud.

    Stories and features

    Beyond the headlines, every child has a story.
    How to block porn with free porn blocker

    How to block porn with free porn blocker

    The Internet is an immense resource for adults and children. Unfortunately, areas that should be “adults only” are very easy for kids to access. There’s no built-in safety. Anyone who has spend any time searching for anything on the unfiltered Internet knows that...

    Happy Families

    “This one is perfect. Almost all inappropriate contents are blocked and page loads much faster. I tried a few content blockers, none worked perfectly as this. Satisfied 100%. Thanks.”


    Leo, Engineer Dad

    “CyberPurify is a really great content filter that I would definitely recommend, not only as an engineer, but also a dad.”


    Juan, Dad of One