On Premise Content Moderation software

Get CyberPurify’s most advanced AI-Based Content Moderation solutions on your own servers.

Designed To Meet The Highest Enterprise Requirements

Suitable solution for private cloud, law enforcement, medical, legal, military, telecom and highly sensitive corporate content.

Ultimate Privacy

Your files never leave your data center. By running on your local servers, CyberPurify On premise is the ultimate in privacy solution.



It is highly flexible, with easy options to upgrade, control concurrency, monitoring usage, traffic and performance optimization.

Huge Volumes

Process billions of data with no ceiling limits optimized for low cost at scale. It offers flexible licensing model.

Easy Integration With Powerful Content Moderation Software

CyberPurify’s On Premise offers its AI-Based Content Moderation solutions for full deployment on companies private, local servers.

Auto-tagging, auto-categorizing are available to data-sensitive businesses who can run CyberPurify’s award-winning technology while remaining fully compliant with privacy laws and regulations.

Our Premium Features

Success is built on three pillars – trust, content quality, and user experience.

Copyright Detection

CyberPurify can automatically identify videos that are matches or potential matches of other videos. You can detect whether video is copyright protected or not.

Duplication Detection

75% of users encounter duplicate content when browsing online marketplaces. Improve user experience and onsite SEO with de-duplation tech.


Our model detects 50+ types of content including porn, violence, horror, etc.

Anyone who requires easy-to-implement, live or automated, fast, and efficient video moderation or tagging services. Our solution can be used to moderate or filter most web-hosted content.

Trusted by customers worldwide