Meet KIE – Your children’s new friend on the Internet!
His duty is to keep your children safe from harmful content.
Any site.
Any time.
Any device.

As a parent, you’ve probably used parental controls. Do you find it:

Difficult to set up?
Annoyed as it slows your home Internet?
Anxious as it doesn’t auto block harmful content?
We got your back!

Did you know:

Porn is the 2nd most serious issue for kids?
With 79% of kids’ unwanted exposure to porn occurring at home?

If you have ever been:

Anxious about your kids being exposed to toxic content
Exhausted when begging them turn off the device
Confused when using high-tech parental controls
We got your back!

KIE protects your kids from things that are harmful to their mental health

When your kids click a website, he will detect its content and block it right away. KIE has been trained to search and filter toxic things for 17+ years.
He loves it and never rests!
Firefox Addon
Safari Extension

Results From Our 2022 Research

In 2022, CyberPurify analyzed more than 21 million contents across images, news, reports, YouTube, search engine and social media platforms.

Sexual Content

70 of 100 tweens and 88 of 100 teens encountered nudity or content of a sexual nature.


86 of 100 pre-teens and 95 of 100 teens have encountered violent to extreme violent images/videos


48 of 100 pre-teens and 71 of 100 teens have encompassed self-harm/suicidal thoughts and situations.


78 of 100 pre-teens and 91 of 100 teens have talked about heroin, ecstasy, cannabis, etc.


79 of 100  pre-teens and 88 of 100 teens experienced bullying as a bully, victim, or witness.

Mental Health

48 of 100 pre-teens and 68 of 100 teens have been involved in anxiety conversations

Besides protecting, KIE helps them develop healthier online habit

Your kids are surrounded with so many distractions. KIE will prevent access from games/apps during scheduled times, helping them stay focused and do right things at right time.

Tip: Use Kids and Egg at the same time for your children’s optimal protection

All for your kids’s greatest future

This one is perfect. Almost all inappropriate contents are blocked and page loads much faster. I tried a few content blockers, none worked perfectly as this. Satisfied 100%. Thanks.

Jason Clark, Dad of a son and a daughter

Upgrade your parenting journey with us!

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