Content moderation
Prevent bad content from going live on your community, in real time

Increase traffic, engagement and conversions with high quality user posts

AI promises to transform the way content is managed and distributed.

Content challenges may vary from community to community but everyone needs an effective moderation system to enforce site policies.

Leverage Computer Vision to find more efficient ways to encode, distribute, and organize your unstructured image, video. We use AI to identify the contents of videos frame by frame and identify objects to add appropriate tags.

Better quality content for your community growth

Content challenges may vary from community to community but everyone needs an effective moderation system to enforce site policies. A well kept and safe site is easier to monetize and has a lower risk of becoming the target of legal lawsuits.

Whether you run a community for children where harassment and inappropriate language must be kept at bay or are struggling with competitors infiltrating your forum, luring users away, our AI moderation tools and services can help you out.

Our Premium Features

Success is built on three pillars – trust, content quality, and user experience.

Copyright Detection

CyberPurify can automatically identify videos that are matches or potential matches of other videos. You can detect whether video is copyright protected or not.

Duplication Detection

75% of users encounter duplicate content when browsing online marketplaces. Improve user experience and onsite SEO with de-duplation tech.


Our model detects 50+ types of content including porn, violence, horror, etc.

Anyone who requires easy-to-implement, live or automated, fast, and efficient video moderation or tagging services. Our solution can be used to moderate or filter most web-hosted content.

Expert Consulting to Get You Started

Whether you are up and running with moderation or are just starting up we have a solution that will work for you. CyberPurify can support you in multiple ways working fully automated with AI filters, only manual, or a mix to ensure the highest possible moderation accuracy.

Strike the optimal balance between automated and human moderation

Create custom criteria and success metrics for your particular application

Monitor and optimize results for continuous improvement

Trusted by customers worldwide


Why Choose Us

Empower your Business with powerful Computer Vision Models. We process billions of pixels every day.

Easy to Integrate

A single API enables enterprise brands to launch our hybrid moderation solution quickly and easily. Detailed documentation is available.

Latency & Accuracy

Results are returned with a latency of <500ms. Our overall accuracy is >99.99%, with up to 200x fewer errors than top alternatives

Highly customizable

Different communities need different moderation rules. Easily set up rules that work best with your community and your brand.

Flexible Deployment

Use CyberPurify APIs from the cloud, or deploy CyberPurify APIs to the edge, a private cloud, your on-premise data center, or a custom public cloud instance when needed to enable key scenarios for latency, compliance, security and control.

Ultimate Scalability

Between our live moderation teams and our AI technology, there’s no limit to the amount of video you can send to CyberPurify. Our solutions easily scale to meet any capacity.

Cost-Effective Pricing

With low-cost services and varying approaches for custom moderation projects, we offer solutions for every budget. Volume discounts are also available.

Let’s grow with trust together

Start moderating your content today.


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