Parent Guide

How to set up CyberPurify Egg

Step 1

Power up CyberPurify Egg. Use the provided cable, plug the Mini USB into Egg’s Power button and plug the other end into your power adapter. Wait for 1 minute and connect to CyberPurify Setup.

Step 2

Enter your email, then click “ADD AND CONTINUE”

Step 3

Choose your home WiFi network

Step 4

Enter your home WiFi’s password, then click SUBMIT. Make sure you enter your password CORRECTLY or else Egg cannot access to your home WiFi.

Step 5

Enter new WiFi name and password for your kids, click CREATE

Step 6

Wait for 1 minute and you will find a new WiFi for your kids!

Access your dashboard to review filters and manage your kids’ studying time at: or scan here:

We do appreciate you chose CyberPurify.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents!

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