Are your kids constantly glued to their phones, causing a strain in your family relationships? If yes, it’s time to end up with this situation! Stop the technology-induced family rift caused by kids glued to their phones!

Discover positive parenting solutions to bridge the gap and restore your family relationships with our “Top 5 tips screen time management for kids”.

Embrace a healthier balance of technology and bonding moments starting TODAY!

Excessive screen time: the hidden dangers and negative impact on children

Why should parents limit screen time? The answer is because of the negative impacts of excessive screen time on children are serious. They include decreased physical activity, disrupted sleep patterns, reduced attention span, and a higher risk of obesity, depression, and anxiety. 

Active Health reported that “Myopia is already a big problem that plenty of Singaporeans face and staring incessantly at a screen only worsens existing conditions”.

  • Social development: Children who are addicted to the Internet may have less opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with peers and may have difficulty developing communication skills.
  • Emotional development: Too much screen time can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as increased aggression and less emotional stability. It can also affect children’s attention span and ability to concentrate.

A new study among U.S. adolescents has found that as digital media use has increased among teens who are part of Generation Z the feelings of loneliness and depression.

Dr. Anderson explains some negative effects of over-screen time on adolescents.  


Top 5 effective tips to set screentime management for kids

Positive parenting involves setting clear guidelines and fostering a healthy relationship with your child when it comes to screen time management. Here are some tips for managing screen time in a positive way:

1. Use CyberPurify Egg for screen time management

Start using parental controls device as a tool to facilitate healthy habits rather than as a substitute for active parenting. Regularly review and adjust settings in collaboration with your child, explaining the reasons behind your choices.

How can parents do it?

If parents have ever been:

  • Are you feeling worried about the safety of your children when they’re online, especially with the fear of exposing them to harmful content?
  • Are you tired of keeping track of their screen time and constantly reminding them to turn off devices?
  • Do you get exhausted from dealing with the endless “5 more minute” pleas, only for them to end up using their device for much longer?

If so, CyberPurify Egg has got you covered! With this solution, during study time, access to games, social media, and movies will be automatically blocked on every device your child uses, giving you peace of mind.

Positive parenting - Top 5 tips screen time management for kids
CyberPurify Egg report the domain kids access online

In addition, CyberPurify Egg will block 15 types of harmful content such as gore, ghosts, violence, catastrophic accidents, gambling sites, scams, etc that are present for hours on your child’s phone and are watching daily.

Positive parenting - Top 5 tips screen time management for kids
CyberPurify Egg will block 15 types of harmful content such as gore, ghosts, violence, catastrophic accidents, gambling sites, scams

And CyberPurify Egg also keeps you kids 24/7 safe from inappropriate content in search results by turn on Safe Search.

Positive parenting - Top 5 tips screen time management for kids
CyberPurify Egg keeps your kids 24/7 safe from inappropriate content in search results

Everything is done!

2. Be a role model

Remember, children learn best by observing their parents’ actions. Take charge of your own screen time and showcase responsible digital habits. Prioritize face-to-face interactions and actively participate in offline activities to demonstrate the value of real-world connections.

By embodying these behaviors, you’ll empower your children to adopt healthy screen time habits and foster a balanced approach to technology.

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3. Create a screen-free zone and time

Here are some recommended steps that could help parents in create a screen-free zone time:

  • Choose the Perfect Spot: Select an area in your home where screens are not allowed. It could be the dining table, living room, or a cozy corner. Make sure it’s a comfortable and inviting space for your family to gather.

  • Set Clear Boundaries: Clearly communicate the rules for the screen-free zone to everyone in the household. Explain why it’s important and what activities can be enjoyed in that space. Encourage creativity, conversation, and relaxation.
  • Designate Screen-Free Times: Determine specific periods during the day or week when screens are off-limits for everyone. This could be during meals, before bedtime, or on certain evenings. Consistency is key!

Positive parenting - Top 5 practical tips screen time management for kids

4. Encourage a balanced lifestyle

  • Foster healthy communication in your family: Encourage open and honest communication within your family. Create a supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. This helps to build strong relationships and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.

  • Embrace technology mindfully:

While technology has its benefits, it’s important to use it wisely

Encourage your family to be mindful of their screen time and to balance it with offline activities. Set boundaries and promote activities that foster face-to-face interactions, creativity, and physical exercise.

5. Engage in joint screen time activities

Positive parenting - Top 5 practical tips screen time management for kids

Instead of simply imposing restrictions, engage in joint screen time activities with your child. Let’s spend quality time togetherAllocate dedicated time for family activities and bonding. Plan regular outings, game nights, or simply have meaningful conversations. These shared experiences create lasting memories and strengthen the family unit.

This allows for shared experiences and promotes bonding while ensuring responsible and supervised screen use.

Remember, positive parenting involves maintaining a balance between setting boundaries and fostering a trusting relationship with your child. By promoting healthy habits, engaging in open communication, and providing guidance, you can help your child develop responsible screen time management skills that will benefit them in the long run.

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