TikTok has grown in popularity, particularly among young people and teenagers. Its trends have progressed beyond simple dance moves, jokes, tracks, combined video formats, and WORSE, into toxic trends that can take the lives of your children.

Here are some of the most dangerous TikTok trends (Updated dangerous TikTok challenges 2023) that parents must be aware of in order to keep your children completely safe.

Don’t let your kids die just because of an app!

These are the types of Tik Tok trends that harm children physically and mentally, and your child imitating these trends will risk injury or, worse, death.

Don’t forget that the prefrontal cortex – a part of a brain that is responsible for analyzing, self-control and awareness is not fully developed in children/teenagers, that’s why teens and adolescents during puberty are often easily influenced by external factors. 

They are easy to believe and quickly try out what they see online, especially when your kids see their friends try out those TikTok trends. Children are still learning to judge what is right and what is wrong. It is your responsibility to teach them what is suitable and what is not.

This trend revolves around teenagers challenging each other to take large doses of Benadryl, an antiallergic drug, to trigger hallucinations. Although pills usually only make you sleepy, when taken in large enough doses, they can be fatal.

dangerous TikTok trends
Source: TikTok

This tragic ordeal is extremely dangerous and has resulted in the death of a teenager. The US Food and Drug Administration warns that too much medication can lead to serious heart problems, seizures, coma or even death.

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Black-out challenge

Another deadly TikTok trend is holding your breath until you pass out. This action is sometimes to the point of brain damage or death. Variations of this trend, also known as the “choke game”, appeared long before TikTok. (Time magazine reports that 82 children died playing the game between 1995 and 2007 in the United States alone.)

dangerous tiktok trends
10-year-old girl named Antonella died joining this dangerous TikTok trend, Source: cairotimes24.com

It is such dangerous Tik Tok challenges that a 10-year-old girl named Antonella (pictured above) died joining this dangerous TikTok trend and then, Joshua Haileyesus, he was just 12. The shocking loss led data protection watchdogs to call for the platform to be banned from users of an unconfirmed age.

dangerous TikTok trends
12-year-old Joshua Haileyesus died after attempting the ‘blackout challenge’ on TikTok, Source: GoFundMe

Silhouette challenge

When performing the challenge, the cameraman (usually the woman) will stand in the doorway, pose sexy, or dance to the music rhythm. The backlit red light makes the girls appear like a mysterious shadow that both seduces and cleverly shows off body lines.

sihoutte challenge - dangerous tik tok trend
Source: @mrsmosquito/TikTok

However, the Silhouette Challenge posed a serious problem when people took advantage of this to edit TikTok videos that exposed the female body. Some edited clips were posted online without the consent of the owner.

Penny challenge

The challenge involves sliding a penny behind a partially plugged phone charger. While this trend looks harmless, a coin can crash into metal prongs, causing sparks, damage to electrical systems and in some cases, fires.

penny challenge - dangerous tiktok challenges
Source: TikTok

A good example of this is a shop scorched in Holden attributed to the challenge. In another incident, a student at Plymouth North High School was accused of causing a fire after taking probation. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Beer – basketball challenge

This challenge shows TikTok users picking up a beer or can of beer on top of a basketball, then dropping the ball and trying to catch the can.

dangerous TikTok trends
Source: Youtube

However, there are many cases where the test fails when the beer bottle breaks and splashes in the player’s face and eyes.

Cha Cha Slide Challenge

One of the most dangerous TikTok challenges 2022 as teenagers drive recklessly to the rhythm of a song first released 20 years ago by DJ Casper (Mr. C The Slide Man). The Cha Cha Slide challenge uses a song by DJ Casper with lyrics like “slide left, slide right”, but unlike most TikTok trends, this challenge has nothing to do with choreography.

‘Cha-Cha Slide’ trend is very dangerous and shouldn’t be tried.(TiKTok/@bethus333)
Source: TiKTok/@bethus333

Every time Casper sings – “slide left!” – the driver steers the driver according to the lyrics, turns into the oncoming lane. Some users drove their cars to tracks and followed instructions like “cut through,” wobbling dangerously on the road.

Throw it in the air challenge

The challenge to throw it up without the participation of a group of friends standing in a circle, looking down at the phone that was placed down. Then, throw something in the air and challenge you not to let it fall to your head.

dangerous TikTok trends
Source: TikTok

Obviously, the risk in this challenge is clear. The head is not one to joke with. The weight of the object and how high it is thrown up could cause a head injury.

Tooth filing challenge

This is a challenge that users file their teeth with a nail file. Dentists and dental students had to explain why the technique was so dangerous. They can destroy the user’s tooth enamel and sometimes damage the teeth in the long term.

tooth filing challenge on tiktok - dangerous tik tok trends
Source: thebentistoffical on Instagram

Many of dentists warn that the risky self-modification could cause lasting damage to your teeth.

Morning-after-pill TikTok challenge

The rumor that the pregnancy test contains the emergency contraceptive pill has become a dangerous trend in the past. The company that makes pregnancy tests has tried to quell the trend by explaining that the pill is a silica gel for desiccant and not a birth control pill, but countless teenagers have tried it.

morning-after-pill challenge tiktok - dangerous tik tok trends
Source: Twitter

Clearblue has confirmed the “pill” is just an absorbing tab, which is meant to absorb your pee to deliver the test result. Yuck!

TOP 7 tips to help your children smarter when going online

Trends come fast, fade fast. However, there are these dangerous TikTok trends that can have lifelong consequences for your child. So, regularly having conversations with your children about the ugly truths of the Internet out there, educating them about what is appropriate and what is not. To do that, you also need to update yourself on these TikTok trends to promptly educate and prevent your child from trying them.

Below are some of the online safety tips for you:

Don’t be subjective

A common mistake parents make is that they are too optimistic, thereby becoming subjective and thinking that their child will never commit dangerous behaviors.

You CANNOT ENSURE anything, especially when the child’s brain is not fully developed, he/she is very easily influenced by pressure from friends, people with influence on social networks, as well as from trends on TikTok or other unhealthy content online in general!

Join your kids in online activities

This is the easiest way to know what they usually watch:

  1. Know what content they like or what they don’t (Why): A chance to talk about why to understand them better. You can also make sure those apps, games, and websites your child is using are age-appropriate.
  2. Strengthen your relationships. Building strong relationships with your children is crucial for their development and well-being, and it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Parents can first begin coversation with share about the dangerous TikTok challenges 2023.
  3. Opportunities to teach your child what is and isn’t right for them, then make some mini-lessons about Internet dangers.
  4. Act promptly: When you find a disturbing video, you can block it to make sure it doesn’t show up again. You can also report this so it can be reviewed and removed promptly.

Considering when you choosing any protecting tool

  • Types of parental control you use

Is it over-monitoring your child? Does it let you read their call/SMS, stalk their social activities? After 14 years of developing solutions to protect children’s online safety, we strongly believe that kids hate being over-controlled, and then they will find ways to bypass it if they know parents want to do it (children are tech-savvy nowadays). 

Also, if they doubt or know that parents are monitoring them, children will become more secretive and less share with you.

  • Talk to your children about why you use parental control and listen to their opinions

For example, you can tell your son/daughter that “I use CyberPurify to blur porn, accidents, bloody content on every website you access, and just it because those content is not for your age and can make you confused and frightened. It is all about your safety. I don’t read your texts, calls or anything else so don’t worry. What do you think about it?”

Actively using parental control 

Wise modern parents are always proactive in bringing the best for their children. CyberPurify Egg can do a great job in helping you protect your child from all porn sites, for all internet-connected devices your child use.


content filtering software

If you are:

  • Worried about the safety of your children when they’re online, especially with the fear of exposing them to harmful content?
  • Tired of keeping track of their screen time and constantly reminding them to turn off devices?
  • Exhausted from dealing with the endless “5 more minutes” pleas, only for them to end up using their device for much longer

If so, CyberPurify Egg has got you covered! Egg keeps your kids SAFE from inappropriate content and websites like porn, dating, gambling, and more.

And helps them stay DISCIPLINED – auto block apps, games, movies during scheduled times, ensuring healthy online habits for your kids. 

 parental controls

Help your child develop digital skills

Build good habits and help your child develop their digital intelligence on the Internet – the virtual world is just as important as the real world.

Some digital skills your child must have when using the Internet: Digital Footprint, Digital emotional intelligence – Your child’s ability to empathize with and build good relationships with others online, or Digital communication.

Don’t do anything just because of likes, shares, or being famous because your child is much worthy than those likes. Be wise, knowledgeable and analyze the pros and cons of each challenge as it can take your entire life.

Be their friends

Make them believe that they can share with you anything on the Internet that makes them frightened, concerned, or confused without being judged or scolded.

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