CyberPurify Egg and how it helps Hanah’s family detox from TikTok

Sharing of Miss Hanah – A housewife with 2 boys

Hanah, her husband, and their two little boys live in Shanghai. Hanah’s husband is an officer and she is a housewife for the whole family. Her oldest child is 7 years old and her younger one is 3 years old. 

After the last 6 months of social distancing, like many other families, her family has also become addicted to TikTok short-form videos.

Hanah’s family is too dependent on surfing short-form videos on TikTok

Before, for her 7 yo son to be more obedient during the meal, Hanah let him watch cover dance videos on TikTok with catchy music, so that he could focus on eating. 

Parents are you feel the same?

HANAH thought it was harmless behavior to get him to focus on his meals, but it soon turned into a nightmare.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, her son’s addiction to the platform grew stronger by the day, and he would cry and plead with her to let him watch videos instead of eating.

It wasn’t just mealtime anymore. The phone had become an extension of his tiny hands, and he would hold it day and night. He completely immerses himself in a stream of content from TikTok.

Hanah felt trapped in her own home because she couldn’t convince him to stop using technology. She tried to talk to him and begged him to put it down, but it didn’t work. He was so drawn to the technology that it felt like an impossible fight for her.

why TikTok is bad
He likes catchy dancing videos which can have a lot of harmful visuals for a 7-year-old kid

At that time, Hanah was very stressed and tired. She couldn’t talk calmly with her son anymore and had to shout at him. She had a lot of work to do at home and her son’s addiction was making it even harder for her.

Hanah is currently experiencing a distressing situation that is deeply affecting her emotional well-being. The constant cries of her 7-year-old child have become so overwhelming that she finds herself crying quietly in desperation. This is a serious issue that demands immediate attention and resolution, as it is causing Hanah to feel helpless and distressed

Hanah knew that something had to change. “I couldn’t let TikTok videos control my son’s life and tear apart my family”- said Miss Hanah.

How did Hanah stop her child’s TikTok video addiction?

Then Hanah went online and found solutions to protect her children better. She accidentally saw expert advice on Quora in the post What parents should do to protect kids from TikTok.

The post “What parents should do to protect kids from TikTok” which Hanah is reading

With recommendations from CyberPurify’s expert, Jessica decided to try CyberPurify Egg to help her son develop healthier online habits. She set a limit, allowing her son to watch TikTok for only 2 hours per day after he has done his homework and obeys her to eat well.

CyberPurify Egg 's Dashboard that Hanah use for her family
The CyberPurify Egg’s dashboard that Hanah set screen time schedules, automatically blocking access to games, TikTok, and movies on ANY device her child uses.

What happens after that?

The transition wasn’t easy, though. The first time after leaving TikTok, her son kept insisting to get the phone, but then he couldn’t surf the new video when holding the phone, and he cried even louder, but when he finally got it back, he realized that he couldn’t surf the familiar videos anymore. His cries grew even louder and always angry and worried when forced to leave technology devices.

But that terrible experience forces Hanah to keep continuing to try their best things to rearrange her son’s behavior. She did not give up, she educated her son to integrate with using CyberPurify Egg and talked to him that if he refused to eat, she would let him skip meals that day. Unable to bear to be hungry, her children also had to start getting used to saying “NO” to TikTok and eating on their own. 

After a while, her son successfully forgot about the phone that has been attached to her for a long time.

Moreover, she added that initially not surfing TikTok every night made the whole family feel bored and empty. With no TikTok and nothing to do, the whole family decides to go to bed earlier. But since then, Hanah has found a new way to connect with the family more every night, the whole family chats together, talking about their day. “We were able to spend an hour before bedtime talking, telling stories to our children, and reading books to them before going to bed,” said Hanah.

CyberPurify Egg will automatically block access to TikTok videos on ANY device her child uses.

The use of CyberPurify Egg has also helped improve the whole family’s sleep time. Previously, Hanah’s whole family used to play TikTok until about 11 pm. But after using Egg, Hanah set a time to turn off TikTok at 10 pm. This helps the whole family get a better night’s sleep, improve health and avoid being too dependent on technology like in the previous epidemic period.

Finally, after using Egg, Hanah’s whole family succeeded in “detoxing” from TikTok.

“Since having Egg, my whole family has improved their sleep. I was relieved when my son stopped being addicted to surfing TikTok, the whole family was also away from dependence on phones or useless videos.”

If you are facing the same problem, consider using CyberPurify Egg. This is a solution to limit the use of social networks and avoid excessive dependence on electronic devices. Besides, creating limited time frames also helps children to focus better and achieve a better quality of learning every day!

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