Bath salts, paper drug, and American grass are the types that teenagers use to get a high sensation that is difficult to detect by law. These types of drugs such as psychedelic mushrooms are very similar to real mushrooms or a tongue amulet is just a small piece of paper that makes transportation even easier.

So parents need to update their knowledge regularly to early recognize the harmful effects and educate their children in time. The article below will help you understand what an LSD paper drug is and how it affects your child’s body.

What is an LSD paper drug?

LSD paper drug is a paper stamp containing LSD ((Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), which is essentially a retardant. LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) is a synthetic chemical, produced from a substance found in an infectious fungus that infects rye.

LSD belongs to a group of drugs known as a hallucinogen. When taken in small doses, it can cause slight changes in perception, mood and thinking. When taken in larger doses, it can create visual hallucinations and distort space and time.

LSD paper drugsSource:

The most common form of LSD is the drops of LSD solution that are dried on a gelatin sheet, absorbent pad or sugar tablet, which release the drug when it is swallowed. Additionally, LSD is also sometimes sold as a liquid, in tablets or capsules.

What are the negative effects of LSD paper drug on your child’s body?

LSD paper drug can affect everyone differently, based on:

  • Size, weight and health
  • Whether that person is used to using it yet
  • Whether other drugs can be taken at the same time
  • The strength of the drug (varies in doses).

The effects of LSD usually begin after 30-45 minutes and can last from 4 to 12 hours. During this time, your child’s body will experience changes such as:

LSD effects on brain

  • Excited and happy
  • Dilatation of the pupil
  • Perceptual changes, such as visual and auditory hallucinations.
  • Confusion and difficulty concentrating
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Increased body temperature, shortness of breath
  • Vomiting

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The long-term effects of LSD paper drug on your child’s body

Some people who regularly use LSD paper drug may end up encountering flashbacks. Remembrance is when your child experiences visual distortions related to sensory or emotional changes. Flashbacks may occur weeks, months or even years after the last dose of medication is taken. This can be disturbing, especially if your child remembers a terrifying experience.

The effect of LSD paper drug on your child’s brain

During the first hour after drinking, your child may experience visual changes with major mood changes. While experiencing hallucinations, users may experience an impaired perception of depth and time accompanied by a distorted perception of an object’s shape and size, movement, color, sound, tactile and body image of your child.

What is LSD paper drug? - 3 mins parenting learning


Impaired sound judgment and vision of common hazards make your child more vulnerable. For example, when there is a seizure after using an LSD paper drug, a person thinks that he is a bird, on the 10th floor but think that he is on the first floor and can fly, so it is easy to step foot on the railing and fall to the ground, which causes death.

A real example of using LSD paper drug

Dr. Hien recalls a story a year ago while treating a 13-year-old patient with psychosis caused by an overdose of LSD paper drug. “Noticing he is screaming, scared and shows irregular expressions of his circadian rhythm, his mother brought him to see me. It was very strange that he did not acknowledge his mother, alienated himself and explained the reason that amazes me”, the doctor recalled.

The doctor said that at that time the child insisted, “You are not my mother, my mother did not have two fangs like a witch”. These manifestations led Dr. Hien to determine that the boy was psychotic due to an LSD paper drug.

what is LSD paper drug

Signs of psychosis due to playing LSD paper drugs are easy to recognize such as waking up at night, hallucinating that they are a bird, thinking that the opposite person is an enemy.

The mark of an LSD paper drug user is very similar to the one who uses drugs or heroin. The dose of LSD paper drug is difficult to cause instant drug addiction, but it will cause a hallucinogenic state often called psychosis. Some signs of identifying the player of the stamp are afraid, screaming, sometimes aggressive, wanting to attack others, not eating, sleeping day and night, etc.

According to Dr. Hien, when a user falls into a psychotic state of psychosis, he is always led by negative words in his ears like: “It is my enemy. Hit it. ”Or when it goes into astigmatism, all the colors and shapes of things change, as if the user has stepped across another planet.

 hậu quả việc sử dụng muối tắm

At that time, the vehicle and the signal lights all turned into a strange color and shape in the eyes of the user, making them not aware of the danger and rushing in. “This is a dangerous thing for people. playing LSD paper drug makes them die of these dangers before they die from addiction, “said Dr. Hien.

How can parents protect children from LSD paper drug in the first place?

One of the first fundamental steps to stopping your child from reaching LSD paper drug is to educate your child. You should have lots of intimate conversations with your child about substance use in general and LSD paper drug in particular. Start by asking your child’s point of view about LSD paper drug, listening to your child’s opinions and questions about LSD paper drug.

talk to your kids about LSD

Besides, you should discuss with your child why not using LSD paper drug. Instead of intimidating, emphasize how using LSD paper drug can affect badly their body and brain.

Also, you need to install Internet content filtering software so you can be notified if your child is looking for information about drugs. Also, keep a close eye on what you watch on social media, TV, movies and song shows as those can trivialize drug use.

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