7 ways to set parental controls for iPhone and iPad

More and more parents are concerned about the use of Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops, etc. for their children because they are afraid that their children will spend too much time using them as well as the risk of encountering unwanted content online. The case where a 1st grader studying online at home was found to be watching pornographic content made many parents even more concerned.

There is no single solution that can 100% solve all problems, so parents need to consider choosing and combining solutions to better protect their children on the Internet. The article will suggest you 7 ways to set parental controls for iPhone and iPad effectively.

How to set parental controls for iPhone and iPad

Turn on Screen Time

Use “Screen Time” to set content privacy restrictions and manage in-app purchases of your iPhone or iPad.

You do this by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select “Screen Time”
  • Tap “Continue”
  • Select “This is my [Device]” or “This is my child’s [Device].”
  • Select “Use screen time passcode” (if it is a shared device and you want to make sure the settings are not changed)
  • Re-enter the password to confirm. If it’s a kid’s device, you can follow the instructions until you get the Parental Passcode and enter the passcode. Re-enter the password to confirm.
  • Select “Content & Privacy Restrictions”. If asked, enter your passcode, then you can enable “Content & Privacy.”

Once you’ve set up your code, you can manage in-app purchases, access to apps, and automatically filter website content to limit access to adult content in Safari and other applications on your device.

Manage in-app purchases during device usage

  • Select “iTunes and App Store Purchases”
  • Choose a setting and set “Do Not Allow”.

Block adult content

iOS may automatically filter website content to limit access to adult content in Safari and apps on your device. You can also add specific websites to the approved or blocked list, or you can limit access to only approved websites. You can do it by following these steps:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Screen Time
  • Select Content and Privacy Restrictions
  • Enter your Device Screen Time passcode.
  • Select Content Restrictions > Web Content
  • Select “Limit Adult Content” or “Allowed Websites Only”

Porn Blocker Extension

CyberPurify Porn Blocker’s AI-driven filtering solution can help parents protect their kids from harmful content, while still letting kids experience the positive benefits of the online world.





Screen Time only works with browsers, your kids can still access adult content on forums, social networks, group chats. Besides, the number of browsers with pornographic content is constantly updating every day, so adding it manually is not enough to keep up.

Use online content filtering software

Another best free parental control software for pc is here.

You have already known that harmful content is so pervasive on the Internet that your children are at very high risk of having access to these types of inappropriate content. With the limitations of technology, there is no single tool that can completely protect your children from harmful content on the Internet.

free parental control software

That is the reason why you shouldn’t be subjective or just rely on a single tool, you should instead consider using real-time content filtering tools to better protect your children from seemingly “innocent” websites but can completely contain content that is not suitable for children such as Google, Facebook, Youtube.

You can download this content filtering tool as an add-on/extension FOR FREE. They help protect your children up to 15 types of harmful content on the Internet such as:

  • Pornographic content: Sexual, Nude.
  • Horror content: gore, accidents, ghosts, violence, murder, terrorism, etc.
  • Content about stimulants, addictive substances such as alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, etc.
  • Hate speech

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Limit search of websites via Siri

You can do the steps following:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Screen Time
  • Select Content and privacy restrictions
  • Enter passcode
  • Select Device Screen Time
  • Select Restrict Content, then choose your settings.
    You can restrict these Siri features:

– Web Search Content: Prevent Siri from searching the web when you ask a question

– Explicit Language: Prevent Siri from displaying obscene language

Guided Access

Guided access allows parents to lock their iPhone or iPad while in an app. This can be helpful for kids as they won’t be able to log out of that particular app and will prevent them from accessing other applications and settings.

To enable this feature, you:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Accessibility
  • Scroll down and turn on Guided Access
  • To start Guided Access, press the power button 3 times. When the function is enabled, the buttons and touch screen are disabled.
  • In this section, you can also set a passcode, time limits, and enable auto-lock features.

To disable this feature, tap the power button 3 times.

Allow privacy settings to be changed

If you have the iOS 14.5 update or later, the “App Tracking Transparency” feature allows you to decide if you want the app to track your activity for advertising purposes. This is beneficial for kids and you because frequent exposure to ads can encourage in-app spending.

To disable this function, you need:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Privacy

  • Click “Follow”. The toggle button should be grayed out – this means the feature is disabled. Green means the function is enabled.

Note: If you allow apps to ask to track you, you’ll start seeing questions when activating updates for apps. If you don’t allow apps to ask for your permission, all apps will automatically be blocked from tracking your activity.

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With 14 years of AI experience, I love developing AI products to solve real-life problems. I'm passionate about how CyberPurify’s AI-driven filtering solution can help parents protect their kids from harmful content, while still letting kids experience the positive benefits of the online world.

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