Within today’s easy access to the Internet and the lightning spread of pornography, more and more teenagers are addicted to porn.

Research shows that most pornography and sex addiction begin in adolescence. However, most parents do not act to prevent this problem any sooner. Partly because they believer (wrongly) that their kids will never do it, partly because many parents don’t take negative effects of watching pornography on kids seriously.

This article will give you a more detailed and clear understanding of how these 5 negative effects of porn on your kids.

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5 negative effects of pornography on kids

Pornographic content normalizes sexual harm

Research shows that media has the ability to significantly impact viewers’ perception, especially children. When your child are exposed to harmful content such as violent content, gender stereotypes and most importantly pornography, your child’s worldview will suffer, increasing your child’s perspective of engaging in high-risk behaviors and negatively change your child’s perception of what good and sustainable relationships are with people.

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The evidence is that Dr. Sharon Cooper, a forensic pediatrician and lecturer at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, has confirmed that the image will certainly affect children. And in this case, your child will be strongly influenced by harmful sexual images from pornography.

child has a high risk of becoming a porn addiction

What influence is that? Pornographic content normalizes sexual harm by portraying a lack of intimate relationships between partners, in some cases, violence and rape.

Your child is at an age more susceptible to what he sees and exposes to the outside world because neurons reflected in the brain are developing. These neurons play an important role in the way your child take in new information. Your child learns for the most part by mimicking, with reflective neurons involved in observing what others do and imitating those behaviors.

That is why, compared to adults, they are more susceptible to pornography when it convinces your child that they are actually experiencing what they see.

Your child has a high risk of becoming a porn addiction

Completely uncontrolled watching inappropriate movies can flare from an act of mere curiosity to searching the Internet into a serious addiction. Chemically, dopamine is the basis of this addictive behavior. Dopamine is a brain chemical that makes people feel comfortable, a rewarded feeling for doing things that will help them survive and succeed in life.

When large amounts are released too quickly, addiction occurs. Since the brain cannot immediately process high levels of dopamine, it builds a wall with tolerance to pornography. This may mean less dopamine is released or less dopamine receptor is released that functions less.

negative effects of watching ponography

This leads to the story that your child is motivated to watch more inappropriate movies or to watch more weird and violent pornography to regain the same stimulus as the first time. As your child watches porn more and more, brain stamina increases, leading to the formation of a “rock” that blocks the reward and logical judgment centers of the brain.

Research shows that someone with one addiction is more likely to develop another. When your child is addicted to pornography, he or she is more likely to be addicted to drugs, stimulants and other disorders such as personality disorders, mood disorders and anxiety.

Porn addiction in children and adolescents has the potential to cause a life-long struggle in which your child’s biological reward system and behavior are always intertwined with sex.

how porn harms children

Not only does pornography discourage your child from learning, but it can also lead to sexting – sending, receiving and transmitting pornographic messages, pictures, videos, behaviors that can damage the reputation of a whole life of a man but are overlooked by today’s teenagers.

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Pornography makes your child aggressive towards women

The aggression and violence against women found in most popular pornography can teach your children (especially boys) that aggression towards women is socially tolerated and accepted to be hostile towards women.

Since then, pornography causes your child to lose their sensitivity and empathy for women and instead your child will see women as a sexual tool. This is evident in porn films where male actors exhibit such a lack of empathy towards women that sexual abuse in these films is completely normal.

Pornography creates negative attitudes and behaviors towards women

Pornography creates negative attitudes and behaviors towards women

A 2009 analysis of pornography and violence against women found a significant relationship between watching pornography and advocate attitudes toward violence against women. A 2001-2004 survey of middle and high schools found that 76% of people who commit some form of sexual harassment regularly watch pornography.

The above studies of sexual and violent content have shown that teenagers accept, learn from, and can mimic behaviors depicted in porn that are normative and engaging.

Porn influences your child’s healthy relationships in the future

One of the worse negative effects of pornography on children. Establishing healthy relationships is an extremely important milestone in your child’s childhood. As your child regularly exposes to pornography, your child will develop negatively about what is expected of sex for men and women and can also influence their future sexual behavior.

For example, the harm mentioned above: aggressive attitudes and behaviors towards women.

pornography side effects

A 2006 survey of high school students aged 14-18 found that regular access to media sites which support distorted views about sexual stereotypes was more likely to believe sex is just entertainment, men only want it and women are their tools.

If television can have such negative effects on children and teenagers, pornography, with more violent and engaging images, we believe you can imagine the worst scenario.

What parents need to do know?

To better protect your children, you need to understand why pornography can leave detrimental effects on your kids like:

  • Distort images of women
  • Porn addiction and other addiction risks
  • Low performance at schools
  • Lack of confidence about their bodies

Porn is inherently addictive, so only a few times watching, your child is likely to “indulge” in pornography. So, what parents need to do now?

My son is watching porn - The problem is more serious than parents usually think!

To ensure your child’s online environment is safe and healthier, you should consider using an additional online content filtering tool – considered by many parents as one of the best free parental control software to hide 15 types of harmful content on the Internet, including:

  • Pornography
  • Horrifying content like gore, accidents, ghosts, violence, murder, terrorism, etc
  • Content about stimulants, addictive substances such as alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, etc
  • Content with aggressive elements, hurting others like Hate speech

This free porn blocker extension can help to minimize your child’s access to harmful content, ensuring a healthy online environment for your child but at the same time, not invading their privacy rights.


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