Many challenges that have gained popularity on platforms like TikTok have the potential to cause harm or even be life-threatening!

However, we all need to admit that children may not fully understand the risks or consequences of participating in a challenge, especially if they are not properly educated about the dangers.

That’s why, YOU – PARENTS have an extremely important role in educating children about dangerous Tiktok challenges. Start now with this article Top 5 dangerous TikTok challenges that can cost your children’s lives! (Part 1).

Top 5 most dangerous TikTok challenges that can cost your children’s lives!

Bird Box Challenge

Dangerous tiktok challenges-1
Photograph: YouTube/Jake Paul

In this challenge, people will cover their eyes like the mother and daughter in the movie Bird Box and go to the street. With the traffic situation on the street, if careless, it can lead to accidents and injuries, especially for children, if participating in this challenge, it is extremely dangerous for them.

Dangerous Tiktok Challenges Netflix warning
Netflix officially warned its audience not to participate in the Bird Box Challenge that is causing fever on social networks. Photograph: Twitter.

The challenge was widely criticized for promoting dangerous and irresponsible behavior, and Netflix issued a statement urging people not to participate in the challenge.

Fire Challenge

Fire Challenge is one of the most dangerous Tiktok challenges which involved people setting themselves or objects on fire and filming the result. This challenge was extremely dangerous and could result in serious burns or other injuries.

Dangerous Tiktok Challenges 3
Photograph: Veronica Marshall

In May 2021, a 13-year-old girl in Oregon state (USA) was taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) with 3rd-degree burns after participating in TikTok’s “fire mirror challenge”. Accordingly, the participant sprayed flammable liquid on the mirror and then lit it on fire.

Firefighter Rob Garrison of Portland, Oregon said that:

“This is probably one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen anyone do in their life!”

Tide Pod Challenge

At the beginning of 2018, US health officials had to warn about the trend of eating laundry detergent tablets (also known as Tide Pod Challenge) spreading among teenagers. This challenge posed a serious risk of poisoning and could result in serious illness or even death.

Dangerous Tiktok challenges
Photograph: Julia Moses

According to CBS News, the colorful laundry detergent tablets contain ethanol, polymers, and hydrogen peroxide – all toxic chemicals when swallowed.

In 2017, more than 10,500 children under 5 were exposed to the capsules, according to poison control centers in the United States. According to data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers, nearly 220 teens were reportedly exposed in the same year.

Blackout Challenge

In late March, 12-year-old Joshua Haileyesus, discovered by his brother, had fallen unconscious in the bathroom of an apartment in Colorado (USA). When the incident was discovered, a shoelace was wrapped around the boy’s neck. When brought to the hospital, young Joshua fell into a coma due to brain death and doctors said he could die at any time.

Dangerous Tiktok challenges 4
12-year-old Joshua Haileyesus died after attempting the ‘blackout challenge’ on TikTok. (Haileyesus Zeryihun/GoFundMe)

The boy’s parents believe that Joshua followed the challenge called “Blackout Challenge” that was spread on the social network TikTok. Participants in this challenge will use any rope to strangle themselves until they fall into a state of temporary loss of consciousness, then record a video of the challenge and share it on social networks TikTok.

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The Blackout Challenge is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death. Cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain can cause fainting, seizures, brain damage, or even death.

Milk Crate Challenge

In this challenge, players will stack plastic milk cartons in the shape of a ladder to the top like a mountain. After that, the player will have to step by step to the top and then step by step to the bottom. It looks easy but these plastic containers are very fragile and easy to pour, many participants have to fall halfway without reaching the top.

Dangerous Tiktok Challenges 5
Photograph: @ogmike/Twitter

Dr. Shawn Anthony, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, told Today: “The milk carton challenge is very dangerous. We see many orthopedic injuries from falls such as wrist fractures, shoulder dislocations, anterior cruciate ligament tears, meniscus tears, even life-threatening such as spinal cord injuries.”

There can be a variety of reasons why people might participate in dangerous Tiktok challenges or trends such as:

  1. Peer pressure: Children may feel pressure from their friends or peers to participate in a trend or challenge to fit in or be popular.
  2. Seeking attention: Children may participate in a trend or challenge to gain attention or followers on social media.
  3. Lack of awareness: Children may not fully understand the risks or consequences of participating in a trend or challenge, especially if they are not properly educated about the dangers.
  4. Imitation: Children may see others participating in a trend or challenge and simply want to imitate or copy their behavior.

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It is important for you to educate children about the risks and dangers of participating in such trends and challenges, and to encourage them to use good judgment and common sense when interacting with social media.

By setting clear rules and expectations and providing guidance and support, parents can help to protect their children from participating in dangerous TikTok trends or challenges.

What parents should do to prevent children from doing inappropriate TikTok challenges?

Dangerous Tiktok challenges

  1. Educate your children about the risks and dangers of participating in such challenges. Explain to them that some challenges can be harmful or even life-threatening and that it is never okay to put themselves or others in danger for the sake of a challenge.
  2. Monitor your children’s social media activity. Make sure you are aware of the content they are viewing and the challenges they are participating in. This can be done by setting limits on screen time, using parental controls, and regularly checking in with your children about their online activity.

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4. Set clear rules and expectations for online behavior. Make it clear to your children that they are not allowed to participate in any challenges that could be harmful or inappropriate, and that they should always use good judgment and common sense when interacting with social media.

5. Encourage your children to speak with you if they see or hear about a challenge that makes them feel uncomfortable or worried. Let them know that it is always okay to come to you for help or guidance and that you will support them in making safe and healthy choices.

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