12 prototypes, 3729846 bugs fixed, 100 customers’ testing, we are happy to announce that we will launch CyberPurify Egg on March 1, 2022.

Be one of the very first parents to receive a $25-off gift by signing up here.

Like you, we understand how you feel when children go online, we are all worried about them being exposed to toxic content, especially porn. That’s why we contribute our 15 years in filtering harmful content on the Internet to make an ultimate online protector for your children!

Why do you need CyberPurify Egg?

Your children may not be looking for porn. Porn is looking for your children

Content is 1 of the 3 most common risks from the perspective of children, besides Conduct and Contact. 

Content is a risk where a child inactively receives or sees violent, gruesome, or hateful content; pornographic or harmful sexual content. They might not intentionally look for it, the content that has been so disseminated widely that they can regularly stumble across inappropriate content while searching for something irrelevant. Here are some examples:

  • Clicking a presumably innocuous link in an instant message, on a blog, or when sharing files.
  • Searching for information about gender
  • Junk mail, spam
  • Ads, pop up ads in non-pornographic sites like online movies, online game site
  • Misdirected links

What’s worse is that COVID-19 lockdown pushes children into physical isolation, driving them to spend longer time online, looking for something more interesting, leading to increased consumption of online pornography. 

As a result, younger and younger children are exposed to porn

Don’t make the safest place become the riskiest place for your children!

Meet CyberPurify Egg – your children’s ultimate online protector

Egg keep your children 24/7 safe from porn sites, gambling sites

Porn sites are created every minute, every hour, you just can’t rely on the available iPhone, Mac, or SafeSearch for search engines. Your children need a much faster-updated mechanism to keep up with its speed. CyberPurify is your ideal choice.

With 15 years in AI, we are “proud” to be the people who have the highest exposure to porn! We “watch” porn almost 24/7 to collect the data, label it, keeping improve our model to ensure the highest accuracy rate (98%+) and under 1s blocking, making sure your children are constantly protected.

All for your children’s SUPER FAST, HIGHLY ACCURATE porn blocking.

Be one of the very first parents to receive a $25-off gift by signing up here.

Egg’s studying mode keeps your children from any distraction

We have 2 basic modes: Playing and Studying. You can switch Playing to Studying with just a tap on our dashboard, in Studying mode, CyberPurify will:

  • Automatically block all porn and gambling sites
  • Automatically block access to messaging, social media and game apps

This fast, easy, simple mode will keep your children away from any distractions, enhance their focus and productivity. What they (even us) truly need in this explosion world of data!

Egg is user-friendly. Don’t worry if you are not tech-savvy

You don’t need to be an expert in technology to keep your children safe online. Parents are busy and can’t have time to catch up with the latest technology so we simplify it for you.

All you need to do is:

  1. Plug CyberPurify Egg into a power adapter. CyberPurify Egg will release a new wifi wave.

2. Scan the QR code

3. Enter your home wifi password

4. Everything is done!

And Egg protects all your home Internet devices

It’s true. When you activate CyberPurify Egg, it will automatically protect all connected Internet devices from smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Android phones to smart TV.

Ready? be our first parents to receive CyberPurify. Have your $25 back right away when you sign up here.

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