Anime is quite different from Western cartoon genres. Anime is considered a flexible and unrestricted art form when it includes various genres ranging from romance, school to… pornography and violence. Yes, pornography and violence are in the cartoons your kids watch every day.

Nowadays, more and more parents are concerned that watching anime can harm their children and regularly have some common questions: “Is anime safe for kids?” or “Is anime a good thing to watch”. The truth is that any type of entertainment media has its pros and cons, and so does anime.

The article below will help you better understand in some cases, why anime is bad as well as how to help you limit your children’s exposure to age-inappropriate content when watching anime.

Is anime safe for kids?

Hentai – Anime genre that contains pornography

Just because Pokemon and Speed ​​Racer are made for kids doesn’t mean all anime are created equally. Most anime is aimed at young adults – not children. Many parents make the mistake of assuming that since anime is a cartoon, it is completely harmless to their children, however, it does not mean that cartoons do not have pornographic content – Hentai.

Even if the anime has been created for a younger audience, be mindful of the characters’ attitudes, expectations about gender, sexuality, and dressing. Although it is not explicitly shown, these cartoon images can also encourage girls and adolescents to wear provocative clothes to accentuate their body curves.

Hentai genres often have simple plots, mainly focusing on vivid representations of 18+ erotic images. Part of hentai’s appeal is the innocent appearance and childish nature of the characters. The plot, on the other hand, is designed to resonate with the developmental changes of puberty in adolescents. Furthermore, hentai is said to encourage risky sexual experimentation.

If in the 90s there was Bubblegum – depicting an anime genre containing more “hidden” sexual themes that were very attractive to teenagers, now, hentai is not so subtle and implicit, it sexualizes the characters and plots in a much more open and vivid way.

Is anime safe for kids? 2 proven reasons why it is NOT

Source: Toradora

For the child’s brain, the erotic details of the artist’s erotic scenes are as sexually arousing as if it were a direct scene in front of their eyes. The truth is that the erotic scenes in many hentai movies would be considered a crime if they were real-life scenes, or worse, real-life actions. One of the reasons why anime is bad.

Anime and violent content

Kids can watch Hunter x Hunter, Inuyasha or any similar show and see the characters fight each other in an entertaining way. In American animated shows like Tom and Jerry, or Indian cartoons like Chota Bheem, etc., such violent scenes are present. What’s more, the Marvel comics and movies that kids love are similarly violent.

Is anime a good thing to watchSource: Blood C 

Despite exposure to such content, children generally do not develop violent tendencies. Anime for children of this age are battles that are only intended to appeal to children with vivid colors, not violent behavior. However, you should not be subjective and should note that do not let your child see this type of content frequently.

However, like entertainment media and other genres of film, hyper-violent content puts no limits on anime. Children can fully access to “hardcore” violence and gore scenes that are realistically portrayed in movies like Another, Attack on Titan, Blood C, Corpse Party, etc. That violent anime genre is a proof why anime is not for kids.

Is anime a good thing to watch

Source: Gantz 

What should parents do to protect their children from inappropriate anime content?

Understand what kind of anime they are watching

Like any other form of media, parents should understand closely the anime their children watch and make sure they are not exposed to age-inappropriate content.

The best way to understand whether what your child is watching is age-appropriate is to find out and experience it for yourself. You can search for the genres of movies your kids watch or love, or read both positive and negative reviews on forums and groups to understand all the aspects that genre or movie has to offer.

In addition, you should watch animated shows with your child to better understand what they watch, while cleverly integrating life lessons learned from movies, and ensuring what they watch is appropriate for their ages. More importantly, your family relationships can be better strengthened.

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Openly talk to your child about Hentai

Start talking to your child about anime and anime genres that are not suitable for your child, as a parent, you should approach this content in a way that encourages your child to dialogue and share their thoughts and opinions about hentai and violent anime genres.

Just like any pornographic movie, the sexual acts that take place in cartoons can really create misleading situations and ways of thinking about sex and what is a healthy relationship. Talk to your child constantly about the harmful effects of pornography on their cognitive, healthy brain development.

Some of the particularly negative effects of pornography on children and adolescents include:

pornographic content in anime

The frontal lobes of children and adolescents are not fully developed until the mid-20s. During this time, decision-making as well as processing centers are still quite limited. Worse still the amygdala – the tiny brain structure responsible for eating, survival and sex drive is overactive, especially when it’s regularly stimulated by pornography.

And when it is overactive, the decision-making centers of the brain will close, making it easier for your child to perform and imitate the behaviors in the movie into real life without considering the harm.

Doing research first helps you have a more objective perspective on what anime content your child should watch, however, there are some topics that you think are not good but your child wants to watch.

In such cases, talking to the child and having a two-way discussion about the topic helps to understand the child better and build a positive relationship with the parent.

parental controls on YouTube

Using anime pornographic content filtering tool

However, there is a problem that many parents do not always have enough time to watch every anime show with their children or delve deeply into these genres but are very worried about their children accessing harmful content. such as violent or pornographic content.

Besides, it’s not just when your child visits a certain hentai site that you start to worry, because nowadays hentai porn images appear countless in the form of ads, pop-up ads on sites that have nothing to do with pornography.

Why anime is bad

Remember that children are at an age where they are easily influenced by provocative illustrations, and there is a high possibility that they will click on them. This is why you need to be “one step ahead” by considering using online content filtering tool – considered by many parents as one of the best free parental control software to hide 15 types of harmful content on the Internet, including:

  • Pornography
  • Horrifying content like gore, accidents, ghosts, violence, murder, terrorism, etc
  • Content about stimulants, addictive substances such as alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, etc
  • Content with aggressive elements, hurting others like Hate speech

This free porn blocker extension can help to minimize your child’s access to harmful content, ensuring a healthy online environment for your child but at the same time, not invading their privacy rights.

Wise modern parents are always proactive in bringing the best for their children. To better protect your child from all porn sites, for all internet-connected devices your child use, you should pre-order CyberPurify Egg, becoming the first parents to own the solution which 24/7 protects your kids from harmful websites. Best prices are always available for early birds!

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Help your child choose the right anime genre

Don’t assume that once hentai is harmful, so are other types of anime! Is anime safe for kids? Yes, the right anime genres can perfectly encourage your children to learn and enhance their creativity. For example, some anime like Haikyu, Free, Diamond No Ace show the audience the joy of playing sports, when your child watch these content, they will be more enjoy physical activities.

Dad spend time choose anime with daughter

Besides, there have been cases where a child refused to learn the piano but after watching Nodame Cantabile, that child wanted to learn a new instrument. This mainly comes from the fact that the main characters in the anime seem to enjoy and love what they are doing.

Positive experiences with the right content will motivate your child to learn and work for a better quality of life. And most of all, they need you to understand and support them!

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