Many parents assume that since anime is a cartoon, it is completely harmless to their children. However, many anime series contains various violent or pornographic scenes, threatening to damage kids’ mentality. .

This article will prove why “all anime is harmlessis completely WRONG thinking! It will help you understand, on the objective side, what types of Anime to keep in mind when showing your children and how to get them in the habit and approach to the right content. So you can have your own answer for the question “Is anime bad for kids?

Anime – Horror and violence in children

Kids can watch Hunter x Hunter, Inuyasha or any similar show and see the characters entertainingly fight each other.

In American animated shows like Tom and Jerry, or Indian cartoons like Chota Bheem, etc., such violent scenes are present. What’s more, the Marvel comics and movies that kids love are similarly violent.

Despite exposure to such content, children generally do not develop violent tendencies. Anime for children of this age are battles that are only intended to appeal to children with vivid colors, not violent behavior. However, you should not be subjective and should not let your child watch this type of content frequently.

So why anime is bad? Like entertainment media and other genres of film, hyper-violent content does not take anime as an exception. Children can fully access a lot of violent and gory scenes in movies like Another, Attack on Titan, Blood C, Corpse Party – etc. And those gruesome anime have a huge and lasting effect on children, even if your child is only exposed once.

is anime bad

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Moreover, many research shows that kids tend to act more aggressively, or even worse, imitate to use the gun after watching violent media. So don’t be indifferent to violent content that you think is not appropriate for your child’s age.

Anime – Hentai – pornographic content

Is anime bad? For some anime genre such as Hentai, the answer is yes! Hentai is a genre that tends to contain 18+ pornographic content, which is very popular not only in Japan but also in Western countries.

Whether in the form of real actors like in pornographic movies or in the form of cartoon characters, pornography has a huge impact on your child’s development. This serious phenomenon is reflected in a series of reports and studies on the negative impact of access to pornography.

dangers of watching anime

Some of the particularly negative effects of pornography on children and adolescents include:

pornographic content in animeAnime addiction

Since anime is a form of entertainment with vivid and colorful images, diverse content, of course, anime will have the potential to be addictive. You need to clarify a decent and suitable amount of time for your child to watch anime and the dangers  of watching anime.

However, when we talk about anime’s influence, ideologies in anime can actually be detrimental to children to some extent. There have been cases of Death Note fans carrying a book, recording the names of those who upset them. While it obviously doesn’t do any harm, it still gives us a glimpse of anime’s enormous persuasion and influence.

Is Anime bad for kids?

However, anime itself, like other forms of media such as movies, books, or video games, anime also has content that is appropriate and inappropriate for children, so you need to understand is anime bad?, what content your child needs, should and should not watch.

What should parents do to protect their children from anime inappropriate content?

Help your child choose the right anime genre

So the answer to ”Is anime bad?” depends on the type of anime your kids are watching.

The right anime content can perfectly encourage children to learn and enhance their creativity.

For example, anime like Haikyu, Free, Diamond No Ace, show the audience the joy of playing sports. When your child watch those anime, they will be more interested in sports and enjoy physical activities.

Besides, there have been cases where a child refused to learn the piano but after watching Nodame Cantabile, that child wanted to learn a new instrument. This mainly comes from the fact that the main characters in the anime seem to enjoy and love what they are doing.

Help your child choose the right anime genre

Positive experiences with the right content will motivate your child to learn and strive for a better quality of life.

Understand what your kids are watching

Like any other form of media, parents should monitor the anime their kids watch and make sure they don’t get exposed to adult content.

The best way to make sure your kids are watching healthy content is that you have to find out by yourself. For example, read reviews, both positive and negative, on forums to understand all the aspects that the genre or movie has to offer or may affect your kids.

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Doing research first helps you have a more objective view of what anime content your child should watch. However, some topics you think are not interesting enough but your child really wants to watch. In such cases, talk to the child and have a two-way discussion about them.

This theme helps to understand children better and build a positive relationship with parents.

Finally, you should really watch the show with your child to better understand what he or she is watching, teach them what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, and make sure what they watch is suitable for their age as well. Watching with your kids can also be a fun way to strengthen family relationships.

watching anime with kids

Using the Hentai content filtering tool

However, many parents face the problem that they do not always have enough time to watch every anime show with their children, but they are very worried about their children accessing harmful content such as violent or pornographic, sexual content.

With millions of harmful sites creeping into the Internet every hour, every minute, even if your kids are not curious, they are still at an extremely high risk of accessing them, which leads to porn addiction, poor academic performance, or imitation of dangerous behaviors. 

Porn blocker - CyberPurify Kids

No parent wants that to happen!

That’s why, to keep your children safe more effectively, you should consider using CyberPurify Kids – a content filtering tool to filter 15 types of harmful content online such as:

  • Pornography
  • Horror content like gore, accidents, ghosts, violence, murder, terrorism, etc
  • Content about stimulants, addictive substances such as alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, etc
  • Content with aggressive elements, hurting others like Hate speech

Is anime bad

This free tool can help you minimize your child’s access to harmful content, ensuring a healthy online environment but at same time, still respecting their privacy rights.

Make sure they have the right amount of time when watching anime

Many parents worry about the effect of watching anime on the physical and mental health of their children. However, there is nothing to worry about if children watch anime in moderation. Not only with Anime but with any entertainment genre, spending a lot of time can lead to anime addiction, which is detrimental for the mental health of anyone, not just children.

To avoid the dangers of watching anime, you can set a time for your child to watch a movie after homework or on the weekend, etc.

is anime bad for kids?

If you have ever been:

  • Anxious when letting children go online, afraid they will be exposed to toxic content?
  • Exhausted when you have to count their screen time and constantly remind them to turn off the device?
  • Weary when they keep begging for “5 more mins” but it always lasts more than 30 mins?

is anime bad

We need to end this! With CyberPurify Egg, when it’s studying time, all access to games, social media, and movies will be automatically blocked on every device your child uses.

Stay truly peace of mind when your kids are less distracted, less dependent on devices. Also, they are 24/7 protected from all harmful sites, minimizing the risk of porn addiction and dangerous behaviors.

Be one of the first parents to own a CyberPurify Egg!

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