A lot of parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend staring at screens before the COVID pandemic. Now, device time seems inevitable. Dealing with the pandemic means we and our children have more time to use devices.

Many social media platforms use sophisticated algorithms to keep your child engaged for as long as possible so that if you or your child has ever logged into TikTok, YouTube or Instagram and left after 20 minutes (or two hours), you’ve experienced what CyberPurify is describing.

In this article, with the Internet addiction during COVID problem – that your child is constantly using the Internet during the epidemic season, CyberPurify will help you with 3 ways to help your child become better aware of the problem, thereby taking the initiative and controlling the time using the device more effectively.

Internet addiction during COVID – 3 ways to combat it

Help your child constantly ask why: Is this really what I want to do?

Tech companies are inherently good at engineering systems and having algorithms that keep users glued to their electronic devices, and it’s easy to become meaninglessly absorbed. This is not to mention the fact that social networking platforms work to improve complex algorithms to capture your child’s attention and convince your child to spend more time on these platforms.

So, if your child is not intentional about how he spends his time online, technology is and will be controlling him without his knowledge. So, let your child understand that before your child picks up his phone, ask yourself the questions why:

  • Is this what I really want to do?
  • What do I use my phone for?
  • Will it give me convenience or will it distract me? If I take the phone, what am I giving up? Is that trade-off worth it?
  • Am I connecting with people I care about and care about me?
  • Does what I’m doing make my study and work more convenient?

Internet addiction during COVID - Parents should solve the problem by helping kids ACKNOWLEDGE their problems

When adults purposefully use technology, children learn to do the same. To help your child perceive technology as a supportive tool rather than a tool to capture their lives, try sharing why you use your phone.

You can make comments like “I’m checking the weather to see if we can go out?”, “I’m using the computer a lot today to do work to earn money to buy milk tea for you”, “I’m checking to see if this message is from our acquaintances?”, or even “I need to relax and rest, but I’ll put the phone down in an hour.”

Of course, it’s hard to purposefully use technology all the time – so when you find yourself surfing social media unintentionally, honestly acknowledge and confess what’s going on. out, for both yourself and your child. This is an example of self-discipline, honesty, and lets your child know that while it can be difficult, you and your child can both try to overcome the temptations of technology.4 negative effects of porn on your kid

Protect developing brains

It is always important to keep in mind that children’s brains are growing and developing, which means that both real and virtual experiences shape the structure of the developing brain.

It is therefore not surprising that children exposed to early pornography have a very high risk of having less developed brains, having distorted perceptions of women and healthy relationships, or being more addicted to stimulants, etc.

That’s why, besides limiting your child’s screen time, you need to be constantly updated on what dangers are lurking out there: OnlyFans and the risks of cyber-sexual assault, for example, then regularly communicate and share with your children so that they are aware of what is appropriate and inappropriate, what they should and shouldn’t see.

Internet addiction during COVID - Parents should solve the problem by helping kids ACKNOWLEDGE their problems

Also, you should use consider carefully the pros and cons when choosing parental control software (or porn blocker for pc) as some may infringe your child’s online privacy rights. In this case, an online content filtering tool is a widely used choice. It hides 15 types of harmful content on the Internet, including:

  • Pornography
  • Horrifying content like gore, accidents, ghosts, violence, murder, terrorism, etc
  • Content about stimulants, addictive substances such as alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, etc
  • Content with aggressive elements, hurting others like Hate speech

This free porn blocker extension can help to minimize your child’s access to harmful content, ensuring a healthy online environment for your child but at the same time, not invading their privacy rights.

Constantly remind your children to be skeptical and alert when using the Internet

It is obvious that staying indoors during COVID-19 increases our time using technology. Social media platforms and many technology products try to entice users to share information about themselves because they make billions of dollars by analyzing our data and behavior with complex algorithms. complex, and then sell those insights to advertisers.

online safety tips for parents

With this in mind, help your child recognize the addictive techniques that apps use and teach them to be careful when disclosing personal information. This is considered one of the most important skills in the digital age: Digital Security.

Teaching your children how to intelligently disclose personal information is also one of the best things to do to virtually protect your child’s digital safety. Some personally identifiable information should not be shared such as parents’ names, bank accounts, social security numbers, home addresses or phone numbers.

In addition, you also need to teach your child to be careful with any websites or forums that ask them to provide their own information. You should also encourage your child to limit posting too many pictures on social networks, helping to reduce the risk of attackers stalking them.

parental control on mac

Plan a routine together

The parent should explain to their children about the work schedule and clearly define the time to interact with them so that it is less likely that children become sad when parents busy working. 

We, adults, when going to work, we don’t necessarily just go to work for a salary, but also want to create value and meaning for our lives. Similarly, staying at home and playing all day is not likely to make children happy as much as they go to school. 

That’s why parents should actively select for them age-appropriate educational channels or programs for children to learn more useful information. Also, exercising during break time or doing house chores together is great for children’s development and the parents-children relationship. We have articles about online safety tips for parents, join us!

Wise modern parents are always proactive in bringing the best for their children. To better protect your child from all porn sites, for all internet-connected devices your child use, you should pre-order Wifi Device, becoming the first parents to own the solution which 24/7 protects your kids from harmful websites. Best prices are always available for early birds!

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