CyberPurify Egg and how it helps Jessica’s son cut back on YouTube time

Jessica and her family’s story

Jessica, her husband, and their energetic 7-year-old son live in Houston. As both parents worked long hours, so it’s tough for them to hang out with him.

So, every day when the little guy comes home from school, he would eagerly grab his phone and just gets lost in the world of YouTube, completely forgetting about time. Jessica and her husband, drained from their long workdays, don’t really notice how disconnected their kid is getting.

Jessica’s son’s favorite cartoon

Sounds familiar?

They assumed it was just an harmless way for him to relax after a long day at school

But you know what? As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, the kid’s obsession with YouTube just kept growing. He’d be stuck to the screen, not paying attention to anything else. Homework was left undone, and it seemed like his curious mind was fading away with all that screen time.

Jessica was shocked to see the drastic change in her son: His school ranking dropped an alarming 20 places.

Although she knew that grades and rankings weren’t everything, she couldn’t overlook the sudden shift in her son’s performance. When she tried to persuade him to set his phone aside, her son’s stubbornness kicked in and he refused to listen. Every time she scolded him, he became even more defiant and argued with her and her husband to watch more YouTube videos.

Almost every parent has experienced this scenario.

Her once well-behaved son had transformed into a rebellious child. It broke her heart to see him struggling, and she was super stressed about what it could mean for his future, not to mention finding a way to fix things.

She felt super stressed, helpless, desperate to find a solution.

That’s when Jessica and her husband realized how serious the problem was—they could see their son slipping away from them.

So, what did Jessica do?

Feeling overwhelmed, Jessica reached out on Quora, a social media platform for parents, seeking advice on how to help her son overcome his YouTube addiction.

The Quora community that Jessica was looking for advice

Talking with other parents made her see that: “I hadn’t done enough to stop him from getting so hooked on YouTube.”

With recommendations from other parents, Jessica decided to try CyberPurify Egg to help her son develop healthier online habits. She set a limit, allowing her son to watch YouTube for only 2 hours per day.

At first, the change was super tough. Jessica’s son experienced typical withdrawal symptoms, becoming angry and anxious when he had to put down his devices. It was a tough time for Jessica, like every mother, who felt overwhelmed that her son was so consumed by the digital world.

There were moments when she wanted to throw in the towel and let him watch whatever he wanted, but she kept reminding herself:

“if I don’t step in now, it’s only going to get harder later on.”

Things started to turn around!

Jessica’s son began to make small positive changes. He completed homework to earn 2 hours of YouTube. He knew that if he kept crying and fussing, his phone time would be cut down even more.

During study time, YouTube videos were automatically blocked, so he could really focus on his homework.

Over time, her son’s grades improved and he formed healthier habits. Jessica was thrilled to see her son doing better, no longer distracted, and become accustomed to healthy routines. Plus, he can freely watch Youtube educational videos while still being protected from inappropriate videos that could mess with his mental health:

Egg will automatically enable Restricted Mode to filter out videos not meant for kids.

Sure, the journey had its tough moments, but with determination and the right tools, they overcame the challenges!

“you know what the best part about CyberPurify Egg? It helped bring me and my son closer together.”

The days of arguing and wasting time monitoring her son’s screen time were gone. Instead, they could now focus on nurturing their bond and creating cherished memories together.

Jessica felt happy seeing her son becoming more self-motivated and using his time more efficiently. She understood that technology could never replace the love and care of a family, but when used wisely, it could help achieve a harmonious balance in life.

CyberPurify Egg helped her family find that balance.

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