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TOP 4 risks of online learning that are targeting your children

With the current stressful epidemic situation, online learning is almost a must for any school-age child to accept. Being constantly at home and being...

9 parenting tips for your pre teen children

A pre teen or pre-teenager is a person 12 and under. Usually, between the ages of 9-12, your child will experience changes in physical, cognitive,...

The Birds and the Bees – 12 how-to on talking about sex

The Birds and the Bees for children is an important part of the parenting process that no parent does not go through. According to...

Block Pornhub successfully in 7 ways

PornHub, the world's most popular porn site, announced on March 24 that it will offer all the premium content worldwide for a month for...

Kids watching porn? You might miss these 4 clever, successful responding stories

In the virtual world where tons of threats are out there sneaking to harm your kids online life, the risks of being exposed to...

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