Dangerous TikTok trends are emerging as the platform is all the rage worldwide. Want to know the most life-threatening challenges on TikTok? Look no further!

With the teenage age of striving to be famous and receive attention and compliments from others, your child will be capable of anything to become a social media phenomenon, one of the ways is to blindly do dangerous pranks and challenges, which can have serious and long-term health consequences.

Here are the 10 most dangerous TikTok trends that can take your children life that you need to pay attention to ensure nothing bad will happen.

SkullBreaker Challenge

This dangerous new TikTok challenge requires three people to stand side by side in a row, the person in the middle will jump, and while they are jumping up, two people standing on either side will kick the center person’s legs.

This causes the center person’s feet to point outward and prevents them from landing on their feet. As a result, he/she will fall and often hits the back of their neck on the ground. That’s why it is called SkullBreaker.

In addition to the fact that the person standing in the middle of the challenges can suffer serious injuries such as skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and, in some cases, disability and death. The other two could be jailed for assault or making damages to the victim.

Children doing dangerous TikTok trends
The SkullBreaker Challenge

Source: dailymail.co.uk

There have been many cases where teenagers have died from participating in the challenge, so police are now encouraging TikTok users to stop making Skullbreaker videos. In Bangkok, Skullbreaker Challenge participants can face severe penalties if one of them is seriously injured.

Coronavirus Challenge

The Coronavirus Challenge is a challenge that encourages people to lick things in public to show they are not afraid of COVID-19. The challenge went viral on social media as at the time, the hashtag #coronaviruschallenge had nearly 100 million views on TikTok and nearly a year later, the hashtag had 3.1 billion views.

People doing dangerous TikTok trends
The Coronavirus Challenge

Source: @avalouiise via TikTok

This challenge causes a severe misconception about COVID-19 and promotes serious behaviors involving life safety. It is understandable when Coronavirus Challenge is considered one of the most dangerous TikTok trends because there is a very high chance that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object with the virus on and then touching their mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes.

Silhouette Challenge

When doing the challenge, the person filming the clip (usually a girl/woman) will stand in the doorway, posing sexy or dancing to the music of their choice. The backlit red light makes the girls appear like a mysterious shadow that both seduces and cleverly shows off body lines.

silhoutte challenge - dangerous tik tok trend
The Silhouette Challenge

Source: @mrsmosquito/TikTok

However, the Silhouette Challenge has posed serious problems when there are people who take advantage of this to edit TikTok videos that expose women’s bodies. Some edited clips are posted online without the consent of the owners.

The corncob challenge

One of the most dangerous TikTok challenges, the cob challenge encourages your child to eat corn by plugging the drill into the cob, then turning on the drill to make the corn rotate, then the user will put his mouth on the corn to eat.

As a result, singer Jason Derulo broke his tooth while performing the challenge. Please, just eat corn in a normal way!

Corncob - dangerous TikTok trends

Corncob - dangerous TikTok trends
Celebrities doing stupid TikTok challenge

Source: @jasonderulo via TikTok

Color changing eye challenge

Another dangerous new TikTok challenge threatens teenagers’ health. The color-changing eye challenge encourages users to put jelly, hand sanitizer, bleach, and shaving cream into a plastic bag and then hold the bag in front of their eyes for at least a minute.

This challenge came from user Greg Lammers when his eyes changed color after doing this.

Dangerous TikTok trends color-changing eye challenge
The Color-changing Eye Challenge

The serious risk is that when your child puts a chlorine-based chemical such as bleach near their eyes, it can lead to skin and eye damage, as well as loss of vision if the container unfortunately breaks. One of the dangerous TikTok trends that need to stop!

Scalp popping

Scalp popping challenges users to twist a section of hair on the top of someone’s head around their fingers and pull upwards, creating a “popping” effect on their scalp. If done correctly, your child will hear the “crack” sound which is the same as the knuckles cracking.

Dangerous TikTok trends
The Scalp Popping Challenge

Source: @yanasemerly via TikTok

However, not everyone does it successfully. Lots of TikTok users say they experience terrible pain or even lose patches of hair when trying to pull their hair up.

Basketball Beer Challenge

The basketball beer challenge is when a TikTok user holds a beer can or a beer bottle on top of a basketball, then drops the ball and tries to catch the bouncing can/bottle, and they will drink it.

However, many young people try unsuccessfully, resulting in the beer can hitting the face of the challenger, causing bruises and nosebleeds, and others are likely to have shards of the bottle stuck in the face.

Basketball Beer Challenge, dangerous TikTok trends
The Basketball Beer Challenge

Source: @yosoymolusco via TikTok

Full face wax

This technique involves waxing staff pouring wax all over a client’s face, including the nose and ears. Dermatologists have warned that full-face waxing is especially harmful when waxing on the nose because the skin is extremely sensitive with many blood vessels near the surface. If this wax is not removed in time, it will become harder and stick to the skin, then you can only go to the hospital to remove them.

Dangerous TikTok trends
The Full Face Wax Challenge

Stand-up challenge

The stand-up challenge involves one person standing on another’s back while the other person is lying flat on the ground and they slowly rise up while the standing person tries to balance on the shoulders of the person below.

Fitness experts warn that teenagers very often try this trend, if the person doing it is not a specially trained professional athlete or gymnast, your kids have a high risk of breaking their necks.

dangerous TikTok trends
The Stand-up Challenge

Source: Challenge Achieved

Burning Pile Challenge

Dangerous new TikTok challenge
The Burning Pile Challenge

The Burning Pile is a dangerous new TikTok challenge that encourages users to start their video by lip-syncing in casual clothes, then quickly switch to another dramatic outfit, holding a lighter in front of them. As you can guess, if you handle the lighter carelessly, your child runs the risk of burning his own hair just like Madi Monroe.

Source: @madi via TikTok


The nature of the “trend” is that it is famous quickly and fading quickly. However, dangerous TikTok trends like these can have lifelong consequences for your child.

Note that your child is at an age that is very susceptible to others’ behaviors, for example, he finds that if he tries this trend, he will be more respected by his friends (peer pressure), more popular, and do it right away but not carefully considering the risks involved.

Or, many children, especially teenage girls love to receive compliments from others, so they will take on dangerous transformative TikTok challenges like the Sihouette challenge above, but without considering the risks. Your baby girls’ videos are being used by the bad guys to reveal their body and publish it on the internet.

As a result, talk to your children regularly about what they’re watching online, and about the possible consequences of participating in dangerous TikTok challenges. Besides using online content filtering tool, you also need to educate your child to understand what is appropriate and inappropriate. You also need to update yourself with TikTok trends to promptly educate and prevent your child from trying them.

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