As parents, it’s important to know the potential risks of TikTok and how they can affect our children. From exposure to inappropriate content and cyberbullying to privacy concerns and addiction, TikTok can pose a range of dangers for our kids.

In this blog, we explore the 10 bad things about TikTok parents need to know and provide tips on how to keep our children safe while using the app. Join us to learn how to protect your child’s online well-being on TikTok and other social media platforms.

10 bad things about TikTok parents need to know (Part 2)

Inappropriate content

What is bad about TikTok? The answer is inappropriate content!

10 bad things about TikTok

It seems that TikTok is for everyone because almost every age group uses TikTok. Because of the large and diverse user base, your child may come across adults swearing, bragging, and dancing provocatively. In addition, many users also report seeing nudity on TikTok, which no parent wants their child to see.

Besides inappropriate pornography, TikTok has hashtags linked to dangerous TikTok trends or harmful behaviors such as self-harm like cutting hands. TikTok has a feature that allows users to filter, report spam, offensive comments, and specific keywords, and block accounts, but, the filter is not always 100% accurate

Most kids would love to cover viral TikTok songs or choreographies, but the important thing is that they are dancing and singing along to lyrics that contain insults, racism, swear words, and all kinds of horrible words that you can’t quite imagine!

why TikTok is bad for kids
Some typical words like b*tch on TikTok

Some typical words like b*tch, n***a, f*** you, etc., or a typical example is Skanky Fishy, ​​many parents have encountered cases of girls as young as 11 years old deliberately posting on TikTok claiming that they have a smelly vagina due to sexual diseases.

Can you believe that?

The potential harm of inappropriate content to users is concerning. Exposure to such content can lead to trauma, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

In addition to inappropriate content, TikTok can also be a time-wasting activity. With its endless stream of videos, it can be easy for users to spend too much time on the platform. We will go thoroughly in the next part, keep continue reading parents!

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TikTok can be a time-wasting activity if users spend too much time on the platform. One of the most familiar issue when parents letting their kids is over-screentime.

TikTok is a highly engaging social media platform that can be entertaining and addictive for users. While the short-form videos on the platform can be fun to watch and create, they can also be a significant time-waster. With a seemingly endless stream of content available, users can easily spend hours scrolling through their feeds, watching video after video.

Parents can use technology to filter harmful videos on TikTok and reduce children’s time spend on this platform

This can have negative impacts on productivity and time management, especially for children who may be more susceptible to distractions. It can also contribute to a lack of focus and attention, making concentrating on important tasks like schoolwork or job responsibilities harder.


  • Do you ever find that your kids keep asking for “just 5 more mins” on their iPads, but end up for 30 mins? 
  • Does it feel like they would rather be on their devices than have a chat with you?
  • Do you worry that their device use is affecting their school performance and social skills?

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Lack of privacy

Privacy is a major concern on TikTok, as the app’s default settings make all content public. This means that anyone can view a user’s profile, videos, and comments, regardless of whether or not they follow the user. Additionally, TikTok collects user data, which can include personal information like name, age, and location.

For many users, this lack of privacy can be unsettling, especially for those who are concerned about their personal information being shared online. It can also contribute to cyberbullying, as users who leave negative comments can do so anonymously, without fear of consequences.

10 bad things about TikTok

Mental health impacts

The pressure to constantly create and share content on TikTok, along with the fear of missing out (FOMO), can be detrimental to one’s mental health. It can create a sense of urgency to keep watching videos and scrolling through the app all day long, leading to serious issues like anxiety, depression, and addiction.

This can be especially concerning for younger users, who may not yet have the emotional tools to cope with the negative effects of social media on their mental health.

Many standards of beauty make people self-deprecating

Moreover, TikTok’s focus on beauty and body ideals can contribute to body shaming. Body shaming of famous people on TikTok can take many forms, such as negative comments on their videos, making fun of their appearance, or using filters or effects to mock them.

It is important to remember that body shaming is hurtful and can significantly impact a person’s mental health, regardless of their fame or status.

Others may promote harmful beauty practices, such as using excessive makeup or cosmetic procedures, that can lead to poor self-image and self-esteem.


10 bad things about TikTok

TikTok’s location feature can be used by stalkers to track the movements of users.

Why TikTok is bad is that it collects a huge amount of data, but TikTok’s data collection goes beyond just collecting information by tracking the types of content your kids like and share on the app.

In its privacy policy, TikTok states that it collects “information you provide in the context of composing, sending, or receiving messages.” Using the word “composing” messages, TikTok not only gathers information that your kids share but also what they have created but have not yet posted or shared. 

A final recommendation for parents to protect your children

10 bad things about Tiktok

Now you know why is TikTok bad. Empowering your children to safely navigate TikTok is a crucial part of parenting in the digital age. One effective approach is to have an open and honest conversation with your kids about the potential dangers of the app.

It’s also important to remember that your kids are your greatest asset. Let them know that they can come to you with any worries or questions they may have about their online experiences.

This will foster trust, and ensure that they feel comfortable discussing any issues that may arise on the platform. With a proactive approach to parenting and a willingness to communicate, you can help your children stay safe and happy on TikTok.

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